The distribution industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK, 多亏了新技术的积极影响, 它还在继续增长. Logistics processes have changed substantially over the years with the development of new distribution software. 这些进步意味着当天送货, 短信通知, email updates and electronic signatures have become an expected service in the modern world of logistics.


航空航天局代表电子交付证明. 在当今的分销行业中,航空航天局系统至关重要. It offers a variety of benefits that can ensure your delivery business provides a more efficient and accurate logistics service through the use of fast, 安全和电子数据管理.


Using the latest technology can help to ensure your business stays ahead instead of lagging behind. 不管未来会发生什么, 航空航天局为您的员工提供了许多好处, 你的客户和你的现金流. Here we discuss how mobilised solutions can help boost your delivery business.


航空航天局 systems help to enhance the productivity of your business and the output per hour of your employees, 借助快速高效的计算机化方法, 这些包括:

  • Increased accuracy and efficiency through fast and secure electronic data management
  • Real time communication and tracking of HHT; keeping your transport team up to date with the latest situation without distracting the driver
  • Ease of integration and compatibility with other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • 更早确认的交付使发票更快


With greater visibility and direct access to digital delivery records, drivers have the information they need to alert customers to changes in their delivery whilst being able to respond promptly to customer queries. 客户还可从以下方面获益:

  • 最新的交货信息, resolving customer queries quicker and minimising customer complaints
  • A more instant service with delivery documents emailed to customers at time of delivery
  • 工作人员能够监控交付的变化, manage credits and update other information whilst at customer premises
  • Quickly resolved disputes with the utilisation of electronic copies of signatures and photographic evidence
  • 更容易管理丢失和损坏产品的索赔
  • 让你的员工

航空航天局 systems help to empower your employees by allowing them to keep track of any scheduled changes via their mobile 航空航天局 solution while enabling them the opportunity to alert customers when necessary. 雇员受益;

  • 在不干扰当前任务的情况下,快速沟通变化
  • 不需要手动输入数据
  • 先发制人的资源,抢占其他任务
  • 避免重复工作和人为错误


电子送达证明有助于降低财务成本, 通过减少行政和管理费用, 增加运营节省和改善现金流. 现金流收益包括:

  • 更早确认的交付使计费更早
  • 航空航天局现金收款和即时收款即时付款
  • Reduced costs including reduction on paper, printing and storage costs


Using an electronic proof of delivery system can streamline the process of delivering goods and services, increase efficiency across the business and result in improved customer satisfaction levels, 提高库存准确性和更强劲的现金流. 如果这还不够的话, having an effective 航空航天局 management system will provide your delivery business with a stronger solution should logistical challenges arise in the future.